A guide to creating effective exhibition spaces

A guide to creating effective exhibition spaces

In the world of business, it is becoming increasingly difficult to engage with more customers and create lasting links between companies and clients. Throughout the year, hundreds of exhibitions and trade shows take place around the country, giving companies the chance to attract more business and promote their service. With so much competition, it can be hard to stand out in the vast crowd of brands and logos. Here are some ways to improve your next exhibition stand and engage with more clients.


The most important thing to aim for when setting up an exhibition space is to grab people’s attention and catch the eyes of people passing by. This is where the use of bright and vibrant colour can help your brand get the recognition it needs. It’s important to remember that the colours and graphics you display must represent your brand but be sure to make your display pop so you can initially grab people’s attention and then wow them with your service.

Unique space

You will often find that many company’s stands at exhibitions feature the same layout and a very similar design. It is always the companies which go above and beyond by creating a unique structure or stand that get most of the attention at trade shows. It’s important to think outside of the box by utilising things such as Modular Building Blocks to create customised stands that aren’t bound by the dimensions of traditional exhibition display stands.


Whether you’re a small business with a compact setup or a huge brand with all kinds of products on display, the layout of your exhibition space is very important when it comes to creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the consumer or client. Think about the flow of traffic through the exhibition hall and design your exhibit’s layout in a way that provides easy access to all of your material while allowing visitors to move seamlessly throughout your displays without getting caught up.


In the digital world, it’s no longer enough to hand out free pens and leaflets if you hope to engage with consumers and peak their interest in your service. There is now an increasing number of ways that technology can be integrated into your exhibition stand in order to attract more visitors. For example, touchscreen displays and mobile phone charging ports are a great way to entice people in and get them involved. The mixture of technology and a creative stand design is a recipe for success.

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Printed Panel Kits – Simple Graphic Solutions for Display Boards


Panel kits continue to be a popular choice for entry level exhibiting at small shows, trade fairs, conferences and shopping centre displays.  Why not smarten up your panel kit with printed graphic panels.

If posters stuck with pins are providing an inadequate image for your company, an effective solution for branding are printed Foamex panels with your logo or marketing message. The printed panels can be velcroed on to your panel kit, giving a professional finish.

Folding display panel kits are portable, lightweight and versatile type of display board.  The are supplied with a carry bag for easy transportation to each event.

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Pre Exhibition Preparations – Tips to Create a Buzz

social media


Once booked for an exhibition, show or event, letting people know you are going to be there is essential for the success of the event. But spreading the word about your attendance at a particular show can be a challenging task.

Social media allow you to reach out to wide audiences but it’s important to target the right attendees.

Here are few tips to help create the buzz:


1)    Tell everyone
Accessing existing customers is absolutely essential when promoting your event. Tell everyone you are going to be there, from potential to customers, to existing clients to suppliers. Use direct mail campaigns, email marketing, website promotions and social media
2)    Use the right hashtag
Find out the official hashtag of the exhibition you are exhibiting at. Getting the event hashtag right is crucial for stirring attendees’ online conversations. The event hashtag allows the event audience to stay connected before, during and after the event.
3)    Join the conversation
Weeks before the exhibition listen to the backchannel buzz especially on Twitter. Learn what people are talking about, what their expectations and concerns are and what they are expecting to see and do at the exhibition. Engage visitors in the dialogue.
4)    Consolidate promotional activity
Take advantage of as many promotional opportunities as possible making sure they fit into your overall sales and marketing objectives and your budget for the show. Make sure your promotional activity is integrated, focused and consistent in the messages it conveys.
5)    Encourage networking
Get to know potential attendees before the show and encourage networking. Boost the excitement by Pre-booking as many appointments as possible.